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Safety Scotty's places an emphasis on quality of service. We are a leading provider of workplace safety and education courses. We provide programs, education and resources to prevent the social and economic losses associated with injuries, accidents and health hazards.The support that we provide to our clients covers all industry sectors both locally and nationally.

For more information regarding classes, please email your request to info@safetyscotty.com.
Owner Bio

Ian Scott Coleman, Sr. 
has been in the roadway construction industry for over 15 years working closely with FDOT on a multitude projects. 

MOT experience:
Hale Rd., Collier Parkway, Bruce B Downs, SR 56
Design detour for project managers to submit to FDOT while in MOT Superintendent position. Also provided in house training for flaggers.

From 2009 – 2012 designed alternate traffic control plans, detours and provided MOT services.

Veterans Expressway 
MOT Superintendent provided in house training for flaggers. Submitted alternate traffic control designs to FDOT for all aspects of project – paving operations, beam setting, pile driving and traffic switches. (2013 – 2015)

SR 539, SR 35, SR 417, FDOT Dist 1
MOT Superintendent on multiple MOT crews for Preferred Materials (Asphalt Division). Provide in house training of flaggers. 
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